Vol Patients Needed THIS WEEKEND for Street Medic Training

seiu170Come be part of the magic!

February’s street medic training is full, but we need volunteers to play patients in our scenarios Saturday (2/7) and Sunday (2/8).  Plan on 2-5pm each day.

Acting skills and willingness to get moulaged or ‘bloodied’ are encouraged but not necessary.

We will love you forever and make sure you make it into future trainings you’re interested in.

If you are able to help out Saturday and/or Sunday, please send an e-mail to rosehipmedics@gmail.com


For more information about us and being a street medic, please check out these links: 
Rosehip Medic Collective:   http://www.rosehipmedics.org
Street Medic Wiki:   http://medic.wikia.com
Orientation to Street Medicking for Medical Providers:   http://wrttn.in/e08278
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