Street Medic Training — March 13-15

Rosehip Medic Collective is getting ready to offer another 20 hour Street Medic Training, March 13th-15th. We are soliciting applications for a limited number of training spots until Feb 29th.  Apply by filling out the application below or access our googleform.  For information about our Street Medic, Community Medic, and shorter trainings and workshops, visit

These trainings are big projects and require many hours of volunteer labor from collective members and our friends and comrades. One BIG way you can contribute to this project is volunteering as a scenario patient or a limited number of other roles. If you are interested in helping us out Sat or Sun March (14th/15th) or at future such trainings, please email us at

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Rosehip Fundraising Drive

Rosehip Medic Collective is calling a late-Winter drive for support from our allies and community partners. As we prepare to host another Street Medic training and ready ourselves for what we expect will be a politically dynamic year, we need funds to restock. In the past year of medic and support work, we’ve given away most of our supplies and spent down our accounts in support of friends and allies, such that we’re asking for help to get us get ready for the year to come.

Rosehip is an all-volunteer and very low-budget group. We raise most funds through trainings, home-made craft sales, and small donations. Monetary donations will go towards restocking supplies that we hand out at protests and trainings, along with operating expenses like printing and website hosting.

Progress: $510 of $700 raised

While monetary donations offer us the greatest flexibility, in-kind donations of medical and wellness supplies are welcome also. Email us at if you have supplies you think might be useful.

We are eager to embrace new projects and relationships, and continue to grow the old as the year continues. Please share and/or donate as you can to support us and our community partners. Donation link at:

Sincerest thanks
Rosehip Medic Collective


In the last year, Rosehip has
• given two 20-hour trainings, which produced close to 60 new trained medics, mostly in the Portland area
• offered multiple smaller trainings to community groups and at events
• provided medical care and support for community events and community groups, centering BIPOC people, LGBTQ2SIA+ people, unhoused people, people who use drugs, and other oppressed communities
• organized and showed up as Street Medics many protests, actions, rallies, and community defense against far-right harassers
• gave away over $1,000 of medical gear and supplies to new medics and to community members

Please help us to continue this sustaining work for liberatory movements and for our community.


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