Protest Safety Training by DC & Northeast Medics

Reference Handouts  & Donation link for the trainers (also linked in video)

These trainers here are all amazing friends and comrades. And this is an excellent introduction to protest safety., infrastructure, self and collective care. We take care of ourselves to take care of each other (& vice versa). And we take care of each other to end police brutality, anti-Black violence, and other forms of institutional violence.

Health & Safety in the Uprising and Pandemic

We believe that demonstrating against an ongoing legacy of slavery, anti-Black terror, and the theft of Black and Brown life and opportunity is essential labor.  And we unqualifiedly support Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality protests.

At the same time, the pandemic presents a new and near-universal risk, at least as real and dangerous as chemical weapons or arrest. What can we do to protect ourselves, our comrades, our families and friends? What measures before, during, and after demos?

*** Click HERE to learn health and safety practices, infection control, as well as street medicking during the insurrection. Reach out to us at protests or by email or phone

***  To receive Public Service Announcements from the Portland Action Medics, send a signal message “HELLO” TO 1-503-217-6732

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Pandemic Response: Q Lab

This project has kept us busy and grown beyond our wildest dreams! As of mid-May we have distributed over 17,000 individual size bottles of hand sanitizer. We are so thankful for all the community support and so glad to provide that service to the most vulnerable in our city.
Our production has slowed down as materials become harder to acquire and funding slows down, but we will continue producing around 500 bottles a week as long as we have the resources to do so.

Click HERE to learn more about our response to the pandemic.

Donate HERE & visit our GoFundME to help us continue this work


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