Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council

Click for link to Standing Rock Medick + Healer Council

Since April, Sacred Stone Camp on Standing Rock Sioux land has grown to encompass thousands of water protectors from well over 200 tribes, as well as non-native supporters.  The Medic and Healer council was established to offer direct care to these protectors, who are putting their lives and wellbeing at risk from police and vigilante violence, as well as the harsh North Dakota winter and all the daily health needs of these camps’ people.

Both healers and protectors need our help.  Visit these links to find out how to donate, volunteer, act locally, and help in other ways.  Be careful if looking to donate through other sites; some are rumored to be scams and not truly connected with the Standing Rock Sioux or the camp. (to read if considering traveling to Sacred Stone)

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