Mental Health and Crisis Resource List

To kick off our shiny new site, one of our members writes:

This is a list I compiled of mental health and crisis resources in Portland, OR. Some I have experience with, and for some I have taken info directly from their websites. I tried to include queer and gender variant-friendly services. I don’t know how many of these groups/individuals have the authority to place a mental health hold on someone and transport them to emergency mental health care without their consent – if that is not something you want to experience when in crisis, it’s a good idea to check in with places in advance, before you are in crisis mode, to find out that information.

Oregon Partnership
(800) 273-TALK – Suicide prevention
(800) SUICIDE – Suicide prevention
(800) 923-4357 – Substance abuse support
(888) HLP-4-VET – Military and veteran support
(877) 968-8491 – Youth peer support
(877) 515-7848 – Spanish line (not staffed all hours)

Phone lines for suicide prevention, substance abuse support, military/veteran support, youth support (staffed by teens), and mental health support in Spanish. Spanish line is not staffed all hours, but I believe you can leave messages to be called back. Lines are staffed by volunteers and their training is supposed to be fantastic.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline – Multnomah County

Multnomah County Department of Community & Family Services
(503) 988-4888 or 1-800-716-9769

24 hour, 7 days a week hotline staffed with mental health professionals who can connect you to resources. Linked to Project Respond, the mobile mental health crisis response team for the county, which is very good at doing evals and providing resources in a crisis but does have the authority to transport to higher care w/o consent when deemed needed.

Cascadia Behavioral Health Urgent Walk-In Clinic
2415 SE 43rd Avenue
Portland, OR, 97206
(503) 674-7777

Urgent walk-in clinic open 7 days a week from 7 AM – 10:30 PM
Website also lists other services provided, including community clinics, counseling, mental health case management, medication providing and addictions treatment.

Portland Women’s Crisis Line
(503) 235-5333 or (888) 235-5333

24 hour, 7 day/week support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence or trauma, and friends and families of survivors. Also provide support groups for survivors of childhood trauma, sexual assault survivors, and friends and families of survivors – call the hotline number above for 24 hour support by staff and volunteers, to be connected to further resources, or to sign up for a support group. Language translation is available.

Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver
Immediate Assistance: (503) 940-7997
or (360) 690-9047

An emergency response trauma support program run through the Portland and Vancouver emergency response systems. They can direct you to a lot of resources around grief support, trauma support, children and grieving, etc. Also things like support for folks who’ve experienced house fires and medical emergencies. You usually leave a message and they call you back as soon as possible, generally within several minutes.

Q Center
4115 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR, 97217
(503) 234-7837

Free support groups on specific topics such as gender identity, trans groups, social events, library and other resources – support groups are on a drop-in basis. Calendar on website.

Outside In
1132 SW 13th Ave
Portland, OR, 97205
(503) 535-3800

Transgender/Identity Resource Center, peer education, counseling, referrals, street and community-based outreach primarily to youth under age 21.

Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center
3024 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR
(503) 872-9664
Umbrella Counseling: (503) 872-9664 x0

Free counseling, drop-in resource center providing support groups, skill building, art, yoga and library for folks under age 23. Umbrella Counseling program provides scale counseling for adults over 23, starting under $20. Super queer and genderqueer-friendly.

Women’s Therapy Project Northwest
P.O. Box 10312
Portland, OR 97296
Leave a voicemail at: (503) 957-0135

Online and in-print directory of therapists in the Northwest who are knowledgeable of feminist theory. Directory serves both women and men. Directory is available online.

Sexual Minority Providers Alliance of Portland

Alliance of therapists, counselors and educators in Portland dedicated to providing services to LGBT clients. This website is a directory of unaffiliated individuals in Portland dedicated to working with the LGBT community – it contains specialties and contact information for each member.

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