Rosehip Medics & Sisters of the Road Present: MAYPOP!

Taking time to take care and prepare for MAY DAY:
International Worker and Immigrant Solidarity Day

What: a drop-in night with tea, herbs, jail support, energetic and physical care to prepare radical & liberatory communities for a day of resistance & celebration (May Day)

Where: Sisters of the Road Cafe
133 NW 6th Ave, Portland

When: 6-8pm Tues, April 30

Why: building a new world we wish to see involves caring, preparing, & sustaining each other, to confront injustice & exploitation

Who: as per the rules of the space all are welcome to attend &
participate, provided that they act respectfully.

We have already reached out to a number of practitioners–but are looking for more. Please let us know if you have something to offer in this space by emailing

Take Care | Give Care


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