Your donations will go to help Rosehip Medics and our affiliated network, Portland Action Medics, stock medic kits, provide bulk health and safety supplies to vulnerable communities (including but not limited to people at protests), offer training to our communities, coordinate with other medic collectives around the country, and other uses.

Update, Summer 2020
Since the beginning of the George Floyd protests in Portland at the end of May, Rosehip and our affiliated network, Portland Action Medics, have been producing chemical weapons wipes and eye flush along with our hand sanitizer project.  We are also supplying masks, ear plugs, helmets, flashlights, and goggles to protesters and medic supplies to our network of trained street medics and to other support organizations and individuals.

Update, Fall 2020
We continue to provide Covid prevention support to the community as well as infrastructure support to PAM medics.

There are multiple ways that you can donate to us! Select your preferred method:


We’re temporarily suspending requests of specific supply donations while reinventorying and distributing supplies.
*Update: we now have an Amazon Wishlist for those who would like to donate materials.  Amazon Wishlist

Thank you to everyone sharing resources and supplies to keep medics, protesters, and Portlanders safe!