Rosehip Medics Collective presents a new People’s Disaster Training (April 16th/17th –sign up now!)

EarthquakeDCHOTSThe Rosehips are hard at work designing a new interactive training to prepare us all for the disasters that we know are occurring more often and more severely.  From human-caused climate change to the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake to floods, drought, and cold snaps, we know that the most exploited and silenced among us are usually hit hardest.  While most disaster trainings assume access to class, racial, ability, gender, and other kinds of privilege, we seek to make our training accessible to those at the crossroads of these identities. While FEMA* arranges trainings that seek to reinforce State and corporate power after large-scale disasters, we want to prepare each other for the police, military, and pro-business repression we know so often follows.  While those in power seek to rebuild in ways that would expand inequality, consolidate power, and increase profits, we know that the most effective disaster response ALWAYS comes from the ground up, offering us opportunities for rebuilding cities and neighborhoods to meet the needs of all our people.  Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to disaster response
  • How chronic disasters like racial, economic, gender, housing, and healthcare inequality relate to acute disasters like earthquakes, fires, and floods.
  • How to prepare and what to pack for different disasters within our means and as part of our various communities.
  • What to do in the midst of disasters to care for yourself and your family, friends, and community
  • How to respond to physical, emotional, and safety crises in the context of a disaster

This training will take occur in Portland the weekend of April 16th & 17th (9a-6p)by preregistration only.  We ask a $20-50 sliding scale fee, with no one turned away for lack of funds (though we do ask that you contribute in some way). Email for more information and to register.  The space is wheelchair accessible, has gender-neutral restrooms, and we work to accommodate individual needs (that you tell us about).  This training will be conducted in spoken English, though several trainers speak Spanish.

*Federal Emergency Management Agency

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