Pandemic Response- early April

Rosehip, in conjunction with Portland Action Medics, with consultation from Popular Mobilization and in space donated by Q Center, continues to mass produce hand sanitizer to provide, completely free, to anyone who needs it.

Who is this for? So far, we haven’t turned any person or organization away. We’ve supplied to groups ranging from healthcare offices (Outside In, a department at Providence, a local fire station), direct service organizations (Street Roots, Voz, Portland People’s Outreach Project, Free Lunch Collective, Springwater Corridor Outreach), food service organizations (Sister of the Road Cafe, Crisis Kitchen), transitional housing shelters, domestic violence shelters, and houseless encampments (CODA, Rapheal House, Home Porch, R2D2, Right to Survive), large nonprofit community organizations (Meals on Wheels, Janus Youth, YWCA), essential workers (Trimet drivers, Ubereats drivers), and other mutual aid hubs around the city as well as individuals in our neighborhoods and organizations.

How can you help? We need continued financial support to keep up with this project. As of April 7th we’ve given out over 7,000 individual size bottles, with more being produced and distributed six days a week.
With donated alcohol, our costs run about $1 per individual bottle. One gallon of donated alcohol costs about $65 to process and produces about 63 bottles of hand sanitizer (averaging 3 ounces each).
We process between 5 and 10 gallons of alcohol per day, making our per-day cost between $325 and $650, six days per week.
Our donated supply of alcohol has dried up (evaporated?? ;-) ) so after next week, we will need to also return to purchasing alcohol at a cost of roughly $30 per gallon.

Please DONATE here, or check out our GOFUNDME here

Check back soon for a video tour of our lab and production process, and scroll down for previous posts for the recipe we developed from the CDC recommendations, substituting available ingredients after consultation with a local chemist.

To request hand sanitizer for your group, organization, or distribution, please send us an email at

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