Rosehip Medic Collective’s Statement on Anti-fascist Demonstrators Injured by Police Violence August 4th

Sam Gehrke, WWeek


Contact: Rosehip Medic Collective

PORTLAND, OR: On August 4th, Rosehip Medic Collective and a network of allied street medics treated multiple injuries caused by police projectiles and chemical weapons during a three-way confrontation between police, anti-fascist counter-protestors, and Patriot Prayer—a far-right group that includes Proud Boys, known neo-Nazis, and KKK members. All injuries treated were sustained by anti-fascist demonstrators.

Medics observed unprovoked police attacks on anti-fascist protesters, treating several demonstrators (including one medic) with injuries to the upper body and head by low-flying projectile weapons and explosive canisters. At least 3 required more intensive care and were sent to area hospitals. One was an anti-fascist demonstrator struck in the head by a 2.5-inch wide police projectile which passed through his helmet causing a serious head injury that would have almost certainly been fatal without the helmet. Many more were treated for injuries from pepper spray, pepper balls, and physical violence at the hands of both police and Patriot Prayer or Proud Boy members.

Street medics have provided medical support to protesters and frontline communities since the Civil Rights movement and have responded to an increasing need since the 1990s. Rosehip Medic Collective has been active in the Portland area for over 10 years, and has trained hundreds of street medics in an intensive 20+ hour training specifically designed to teach people to care for people injured at protests. This training includes response to law enforcement tactics such as chemical weapons and projectiles, basic and lifesaving first aid, medical ethics, and a focus on consent-driven, patient-centered care adapted to the street environment. Many street medics maintain nursing, physician, EMT, WFR, and other medical certifications, in addition to the extensive training offered by Rosehip Medic Collective.

Rosehip Medic Collective usually does not respond to media requests, however given the serious injuries witnessed this weekend, at this time we can be contacted by email for further information, statements, or interview requests.

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20 hr Community Medic Training–Registration Open

This June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Rosehip Medic Collective is offering a 20-hour Community Medic Training, a kind of advanced first aid course for those that want to be resources within communities that may feel unable or unsafe accessing “mainstream” primary and emergency healthcare services.

This training aims to be holistic, focusing on prevention, responding to emergencies, and aftercare–as well as on ways to navigate the complextiy and sometimes danger of healthcare services.  Participants leave with useful tools whether they want basic first aid knowledge to help their kids and neighbors or plan on being a medic at an action camp.  The curriculum uses a primarily allopathic/western biomedical tradition of healthcare, but visits on other traditions (herbs, acupuncture, breathing,..), which may be for many more accessible or effective.

The schedule is intensive, with one evening session and two long days that include hands-on practices and realistic scenarios.  We strive to make our trainings accessible, safe and supportive for all people and will work with you beforehand to answer questions and best meet your needs.

This is not a street medic training, although the core curriculum will be the same and those seeking a street medic training will have the opportunity for a brief training covering pepper spray and other protest specific considerations at a later time (but soon!).

Our curriculum includes:

  • the why’s, what’s, how’s and ethics of community medicking
  • patient assessment, prevention, basic first aid skills and life-saving techniques
  • when and how to access Emergency Medical Services
  • emotional first aid, peer mental health support,  and advocacy
  • packing your first aid kit
  • and much more!

The training will take place in Portland on transit and bike routes on the following dates:

  • Friday, June 2nd, 5pm-9pm
  • Saturday, June 3rd, 9am-6:30pm
  • Sunday, June 4th, 9am-6:30pm

We ask a sliding scale donation ( $20-$100) from all participants to cover our costs. If this represents a barrier to your participation, we may ask an alternate commitment to hold your place.

If you are interested in attending this training, please e-mail us ( to begin the registration process or request more information.


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